Dave Broom is crowdfunding new whisky documentary The Amber Light

Dave Broom is making a road trip movie about whisky called The Amber Light, and you can help the project get off the ground by backing it on Kickstarter.

Broom is one of the world’s most interesting spirits writers and for this project, he wants to explore whisky from the perspective of culture and history, rather than brands.


“There’ll be contradictory opinions — so we will be talking about whisky’s dark side as well as whisky’s light side; talking about the completely forgotten role that women have always played in distillation and whisky making as well, so trying to redress some of the balances and some of the misconceptions as well that I think have sprung up around whisky — it’s not all about tartan and shortbread,” he says in the video below.

The movie is a whisky road trip, really, and is set to start production in a the coming months. The film will see Broom joined by “personalities from the worlds of music, literature, poetry, food and whisky,” along the journey.

We think that sounds pretty ace.

Click here to check out more details on the kickstarter page and follow their progress on Twitter and Instagram.