Month: March 2018

The Black Thorn.

This Black Thorn is all about Irish whiskey

A good drop of the Irish — something with a bit of weight to it — is ideal for mixing. Not as big in the mix as rye, nor as smoky as some Scotch, Irish whiskey hits that Goldilocks quotient of being ‘just right’, as it is here in the Black Thorn.

The Roundup: The top bartending competitions to enter in 2018

There’s never been more bartending competitions on the calendar. They offer you a great way to hone your skills, meet like-minded professionals, and often a way to see the world. Here’s our guide to some of the top competitions coming down the pipeline this year.

Get the PS40 recipe for their drink, Criss-Croissant (Will Make You Jump)

PS40 is the Sydney bar with a reputation for drinks you’re unlikely to see in any other bar; they employ a range of techniques to serve up flavours you’re not expecting — and they do it all with a sense of irreverence and cheek. Here, we’ve got the recipe for their drink, Criss-Croissant (Will Make You Jump).