The Perfect Blend NSW State final is here 

Clear those calendars next Monday night, (turn off Bachie in Paradise for one night!) come support, and cheer on your fellow industry comrades that have made it through to the State Finals for 2018.

YOU’RE INVITED – Industry folk, booze slingers, spiritual advisors, masters of mixology, wizards of flavours; whatever it may be, ladies and gentleman you’re invited to the last instalment of The Perfect Blend Competition in Australia (don’t worry NZ we are heading over there shortly!) on the 9th April — that’s Monday evening next week!


Some are first timers (to the competition scene that is) whilst some are extremely familiar with the process — either way you’ll witness some awe-inspiring talent on the evening. We need not remind you it’s also a great way to enjoy a few delicious cocktails on us, among friends, and make it a night to remember (or not)….


Out of 450 entries, there are 11 that will be representing your state!

What a line up!


  • Ryan Bickley
  • Anna Nguyen
  • Benjamin Vials
  • Joshua Diaz


  • Rachael Merritt
  • Jonothan Carr
  • Daniel Noble
  • Kurtis Bosley
  • Mitchell Lambess
  • Conor Obrien
  • Tua Fatongiatau

OXFORD ART FACTORY — 6pm Doors Open.

RSVP is a must – – head to the whats on page then your state.