Here’s the winner of the 2018 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition

After months and months of hard work, shaking drinks, and sharing recipes, the final of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition has been held and a winner announced: The Netherlands’ Eric Van Beek.

Van Beek bested competitors from some 34 countries around the world over three days of competition in Mexico City. It was Van Beek’s combination of marketing skill in getting his drink into the hands of people across the world, his rhyming stage presence, and a beautifully constructed drink that saw him over the line.

His drink, Cariño, is a mix of Bacardi Reserva Ocho, Yellow Chartreuse, Greek yoghurt, vanilla syrup and lemon juice, and impressed the judges on Tuesday night in Mexico City.

The Netherlands’ Eric Van Beek.

“For me the drink was so unique, with ingredients that really aren’t that unique, but that beautifully showcased the rum and allowed it to shine through,” said judge Ivy Mix, of Leyenda in Brooklyn and Speed Rack. “It was meant to win because it is so unusual but super delicious. In his presentation it was very clear to me that his level of dedication was above and beyond; I think Eric is a real example of what you can do if you truly put your heart and soul into it.”


The final round — otherwise known as the Top Ocho — included James Irvine from Australia, as well as competitors from Mexico, India, Japan, Greece, Argentina, and Cyprus.

Van Beek has been bartending for just two and a half years, and works at Bar TwentySeven in Amsterdam; it is the second year running that he’s represented The Netherlands at the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition.

Take a look at the spec for his drink below.

by Eric van Beek
2 parts BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho
1/5 part Yellow Chartreuse
1 1/5 parts Greek Yoghurt
4/5 part vanilla syrup
2/5 part lemon juice

Method: Shake, serve over a large ice cube
Glassware: Coupette