MONIN adds an Orange Spritz and Bitter Aperitif for low-ABV drinking

Here’s something different from MONIN: a brand new Orange Spritz Syrup, and the relaunch of their Bitter Aperitif Concentrate.

In a new twist on the aperitivo, MONIN Orange Spritz Syrup captures the essence of the Spritz; it’s an eye catching syrup made with the quality ingredients Monin is well known for. This Orange Spritz combines notes of juicy, sour oranges with white wine and bitter flavours to balance the sweetness.

MONIN Orange Spritz syrup is the new ultimate element to prepare the well-known Spritz cocktail in a low ABV or non-alcoholic version.

“MONIN Orange Spritz syrup delivers orange zests with gentian notes on your nose and long-lasting bittersweet orange finish in your mouth,” they tell us.

The fine folk over at MONIN have also relaunched their MONIN Bitter Aperitif Concentrate.

It’s a fantastic carrier of flavour which can bring the body, but not the high ABV, to the cocktail. Full of taste and completely free of alcohol, this Bitter Aperitif concentrate brings a balanced mix of spicy and herbaceous scents and for its freshness. It’s ideal for giving a touch of bitterness to modern and traditional cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

This mix of plants and spices can be glory in many applications and twists on drinks like Americano or Spritz. Essentially, it’s about creating and enjoying full-bodied drinks without the hangover.

In the glass, MONIN Bitter Aperitif Concentrate is a dark ruby red in colour, very bright. The nose is fresh, fragrant with gentian, orange peel, ginger & cardamom spices and cherry fruit. In the mouth it is very refreshing, with a bitter and fruity aftertaste.

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