Take a look at Bert’s, Newport

Bert’s Bar & Brasserie
2 Kalinya Street, Newport

It seems like Sydney hospitality group, Merivale, is opening a new venue every other week at the moment, which is all the more impressive when you look at the high standard they apply to each new bar.

Like the bar at Bert’s at The Newport. The bar and brasserie is their take on the grand hotel dining rooms of a bygone era, and the bar itself is a destination in its own right.


Merivale’s group bars manager, Sam Egerton, has put together a drinks list inspired by the classic cocktails of these old institutions, but then putting his own modern tweak to things.

The Julep, for example, is a mix of “lemon myrtle rye whiskey… softened with a touch of bourbon, wattleseed for warmth and then spearmint and Corsican mint for freshness and funk,” according to Egerton.