Bass & Flinders Distillery celebrates the return of the truffle with its 2018 Truffle Gin

Bass & Flinders Distillery will release their limited edition 2018 Truffle Gin on Friday 13 July. This premium gin is a pure reflection of the distillery’s ethos of producing fine, seasonal gin that celebrates local produce.

The Truffle Gin has been crafted to accentuate the earthy characteristics of fresh Australian Black Perigord Truffles that have been sourced from Red Hill farms, where possible. To compliment the earthy truffle flavour, juniper, angelica root and calamus root are vapour infused together in small batches to yield the best quality spirit. The gin has also been made with the distillery’s finest hand-crafted eau de vie, a grape based spirit produced in-house by distillation of Victorian wine which gives this gin its smooth texture.

“The vapour infusion of our grape spirit with local Black Perigord Truffles and botanicals produces a gin that truly celebrates the earthly delight of the truffle. It is a standalone gin wonderful neat, or alongside creamy sauces and strong cheeses,” says Holly Klintworth, Bass & Flinders Distillery’s head distiller.

Truffle Gin is best served neat or in a truffle martini to showcase the delicate flavours of the truffles, garnished with a sprig of fresh thyme. Truffle Gin is a seasonal offering from the distillery and is available until stocks last from the cellar door in Red Hill and via the distillery’s website. The product will also be available at select retailers and venues. Truffle Gin retails for $130 for a 500ml bottle.

This year, Bass & Flinders will be offering guests a chance to celebrate the triumph of the truffle, with an afternoon hunt at Red Hill Truffle Farm on Saturday 14 July which also includes a tasting of the 2018 Truffle Gin in a cocktail. Guests will have the opportunity to find a truffle under an oak or hazelnut tree, in the rich volcanic soil of Red Hill and discover how truffles make such delicate and fine botanicals in gin. For more information on this event, visit the website (