The Threeway: here’s 3 high-class, low-alcohol recipes that pack in the flavour

The Bambú at Chula, Sydney. Photos: Christopher Pearce

There’s been a lot of banter around about low and no-alcohol drinks over the last year or two, as people are eating and drinking better and paying more attention to their health.

So it’s good to have a few low-alcohol recipes in your repertoire, and perhaps something with no alcohol at all (that still tastes good).

Well luckily for you, we asked Chula’s Reece Griffiths for a few ace recipes, like his recipe for horchata which he’s kindly shared.

What is horchata? It’s a tasty, creamy non-dairy drink native to Mexico, often made from rice and almonds; the coconut horchata from Chula, Sydney, uses cashews instead of almonds, and adds a little coconut flesh as well.

The Fino-Toro here is a lighter take on the Toreador, and the Bambú is Griffiths’ take on the classic sherry and vermouth drink, the Bamboo Cocktail. His difference? The addition of a little mezcal, and a dash of Italicus for a little hint of bitterness and a lot of floral character.

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