Sydney Bar Week kicks off this Saturday — here’s your handy Bar Week Survival Guide.

The countdown to the biggest Sydney Bar Week ever is on! There’s just three days until the festivities kick off on Saturday the 15th of September, and a number of events have sold out already; make sure you check out what’s in store at and get your tickets and RSVP’s to events sorted now so that once you’re indulging in the week you’re not mucking about trying to blag tickets last minute.

1. Plan your Bar Week
Whilst it may go against every fibre of your being (and every drink you take past midnight), it helps to plan which events you want to get to, which bars you want to check out and where you want to eat. No doubt this plan will morph into “plan B” at some stage, but hey — you gave it a go!

2. Book tickets and RSVP before you get to Sydney
Especially for the free events. We know
you like your free stuff. There’s some awesome free stuff. There’s some awesome ticketed stuff — head to to get your tickets, like, now.

3. Do the hashtag and the ‘gram and stuff
Aside from being a handy aide-mémoire for those nights when the celebrations cloud your memory of events, Instagram is a great way of finding out which events are firing up. Use the hashtag #barweek to let us know where you’re at.


You can find us on (deep breath): Twitter at @BarWeek and @OzBartenderMag; on Facebook we’re at and; on Insta as @AustralianBartender and @BarWeek.

4.Bring cash for cabs
Sydney is not a small town. We have hills and stuff. So take a trip with one of the city’s fine taxi drivers. Chat to them. They love talking to people. Then again, if you want the easy convenience of avoiding the money exchange, you’d do well to Uber — there’s plenty of drivers out at all hours in town.

5. For God’s sake don’t book the red eye flight
Yes, that early flight will be cheaper. No, it is not a good idea. This is a rookie error. Remember, it’s better to pay a few extra bucks for a later departure than it is to have to pay for another flight because you just left the Strawberry Hills and your luggage is in your hotel room, the key to which you left in the pants you just swapped with that guy from you met at Big Poppa’s and who doesn’t exist on Facebook. #BarWeekProblems

6. Stay hydrated
Look, we know you’ll keep your fluids up, but we mean to say is stay hydrated. You know, with water. Or Gatorade or Magical Fantasy Blue Powerade or whatever. You want to last the distance.

7. It’s a marathon, yeah?
It’s the biggest Sydney Bar Week yet. 29-plus events over five full days, so make sure you get your accomodation and flights booked asap. There’s a launch party on the Saturday, and a closing party on the Wednesday, so there’s plenty of time for mischief.

8. Don’t forget the golden rule: don’t be a dick.