Cocktails, wines, water — this multi beverage system offers by the glass customisation

The days of beer ruling the taps are far from over, yet while ale may still reign supreme, a stylish dispenser system is helping wine bars, spirit houses and other bars and clubs shake up the status quo.

The Vestal Hybrid by Zip Water allows establishments to serve wines, mixed spirits, cocktails, mocktails, kombucha or any pre-mixed drink, straight from the tap.

Twinned with a chilled sparkling and still water dispenser (which pours filtered water, directly from the mains system) the Hybrid gives bars the flexibility to choose what other beverages they want to serve on tap to their customers. The sparkling water can be used as a table offering in Vestal’s elegant reusable bottles, as a soda mixer or combined with syrups.

What’s more, bars have complete control over what they choose to serve, as the system doesn’t involve being contracted to a particular beverage supplier, what’s on tap can change with the seasons.

This freedom to change beverages means bars no longer have to worry about sticking with a drink if it’s not selling. As tastes change, so can whatever beverage is being offered on tap, meaning bars can stay on trend without having to negotiate with suppliers.

The Hybrid system can also introduce new efficiencies.

House-cocktails can be pre-mixed in reusable kegs, then served ice cold by the glass or jug. This will save bartenders prep time behind the bar, allowing them to serve customers faster.

Not only does pre-mixing save prep time, it also provides greater consistency across drinks, and reduces the chance of mistakes, so customers can enjoy a better experience and costs are controlled.

Serving wine on tap by the glass with the Vestal Hybrid by Zip Water also helps to reduce waste. Every 30L keg eliminates the use of 40 glass bottles. The system is completely sealed to prevent oxidation from occurring – no more pouring money (i.e. oxidised wine) down the drain.

For bars looking to branch out from beer, the Vestal Hybrid by Zip Water is a stylish solution to offering more choice to customers.

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