Sustainable Cocktail Competition from 42BELOW urges bartenders to find a future that doesn’t suck

Hey bartender! Let’s make sure that #TheFutureDoesntSuck, yeah?

New competition focused on sustainability urges bartenders to ensure #TheFutureDoesntSuck

42BELOW is all about saving the planet. They love it so much they’re doing what they can to make sure ol’ mate Earth stays around a bit longer yet, because if it all goes bung it’ll be really hard to keep making pure, pure vodka, and that’s bad. So, they’re calling on Australian bartenders to create beautiful, sustainable cocktails to showcase to the public.

Entries to the 42BELOW Sustainable Cocktail Showcase are now open. Australian and Kiwi bartenders could win an amazing – and most importantly, sustainable – life-changing experience. This is not a normal competition, this is not a normal prize, and the winners won’t come back as normal people.

42BELOW has drawn inspiration (or disgust) from the giant mess of plastic and trash floating in the Pacific Ocean to create this competition. It aims to promote and celebrate the great work bartenders are doing to create cocktails which are sustainable and delectable.

Did we mention the sustainable part? The amount of trash we as a planet are churning out on the reg has accumulated in the Pacific Ocean and is now five times the size of New Zealand. That sucks. And 42BELOW wants to make sure the future doesn’t suck.

42BELOW Vodka Professor Jacob Briars said: “We like to do the right thing by planet Earth, but it seems not all humans are on board with this idea. The 42BELOW Sustainable Cocktail Showcase aims to change some minds by demonstrating how being sustainable can be both easy and tasty, and we hope to see some amazing new drinks created for this cause.”

Entries can be submitted via the 42BELOW Facebook page until 5pm, Monday 22nd October 2018 and will be judged for their creativity, sustainability and popularity. Entries must also be shared via entrants’ Instagram pages with the hashtag #42BELOW to be complete.

Across Aotearoa and Australia we’ll be picking 42 of the best sustainable cocktails and showcasing them to the public. The best two from each country will win an amazing sustainable experience!

How to enter:

  1. Create a cocktail championing sustainable practices using 42BELOW vodka as the base (all other vodka = gross)
  2. Fill out the entry form (including uploading an awesome photo) by 5pm on Monday 22nd October
  3. Share your cocktail on Instagram and hashtag #42BELOW and #thefuturedoesntsuck to complete your entry

Judging criteria:
Your sustainable creation will then be judged by our Global Brand Manager and Brand Ambassadors on the following criteria: Cocktail name (10 points), Recipe (20 points), Appearance (20 points) but more importantly the sustainability of your cocktail – Sustainable Practices Sourcing / Method (30points) and Rationale / Inspiration (20 points).

Get the full details on the competition here.

Our planet could explode any minute now, so enter soon. Tick Tock. Competition closes 5pm Monday 22nd October — otherwise known as Bartender Sunday!

The Top Competitors will be announced on Thursday 1st November, while the voting period will run until January 2019. Two Australian and two Kiwi winners will be announced on Friday 8th February 2019.