River Mint & Cola

Lee Potter Cavanagh is the owner of Bondi bar and restaurant, Rosenbaum & Fuller.

Rosenbaum & Fuller is the name of Potter Cavanagh’s new bar, and it’s located just a short stroll from the sands of Bondi Beach. Native ingredients are at the heart of what Potter Cavanagh wants to do at Rosenbaum & Fuller. It starts with the cocktail list: they’ve dispensed with cocktail names, instead calling out the prominent flavours of the drink, such as with this one here.

The River Mint & Cola does what it says on the tin — it’s like a drier, more complex Fernet & Cola; Potter Cavanagh’s drink does away with the cloying sweetness, and the introduction of 30ml of fresh espresso gives it a kick of caffeine to keep you kicking on. The end result? It’s one tall glass of deliciousness.

Take a look at the recipe below.

River Mint & Cola


  • 45 ml Beenleigh White Rum 
  • 15 ml Mr Black
  • 30 ml fresh espresso
  • pinch river mint
  • 60 ml Coca-Cola
  1. Shake all ingredients (except the cola) with ice.
  2. Add cola to a highball glass, top with cocktail, slowly add ice and rest river mint garnish on foam.

Recipe by Lee Potter Cavanagh.