Camillo Placebo

Camillo Placebo 

  • 3 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 3 dashes Angostura orange bitters
  • 30 ml cold-brew cascara tea*
  • 30 ml bitter grapefruit cordial**
  • 30 ml botanical distilled water***
  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir down with ice.
  2. Strain over large clear ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a grapefruit twist. 

*For the cold-brew cascara tea:
• Add 30g cascara and 600ml cold water together and let steep in the fridge for 24 hours. Strain off and bottle.

**For the bitter grapefruit cordial:
• 16 half spent Ruby Grapefruit shells from juicing
• 2 tablespoons of local 100% real organic honey
• 2 x 10cm sprigs of rosemary
• 2 cloves
• 500g castor sugar
• 300ml water
• Fresh beetroot powder (to your desired colour)
Add all ingredients but the beetroot powder to a large Cryovac bag and seal, sous vide on 55 degrees for two hours. Rest at room temp for two more hours, then fine strain off the liquid. Add beetroot powder, very little at a time to get a desired colour and stir till dissolved. Bottle and keep chilled.
For the beetroot powder, peel and grate four large beetroots, lay on an aluminium tray and sun-dry for 3-4 days until completely dry with no moisture (turning 2-3 times a day). Once dried, place small amounts at a time in a herb grinder and blend to a fine powder. Store in an airtight container somewhere dry.

***For the botanical distilled water:
• 3L water
• 5-6 whole organic roses (pick your favour by smell, a lot to choose from)
• Peel of 3 oranges
• Peel of 3 lemons
• 10g Saltbush leaves
• 3 tablespoons of rosehip
• 1/4 cup of juniper
• 1 tablespoon gentian
• 40g fresh ginger
• 3 cinnamon quills
• 1 teaspoon fennel seeds


Add all the ingredients from rosehip down the list to the water and let macerate for 24 hours. Add the water and all the content to an Air Still. Place cheese cloth over the top of the still and push down to form a basket two inches above the water. You will need two people for this, but with the cheese cloth over hanging down the side of the Air Still have the other person tie tight around the still with string so it doesn’t fall in. Place the rest of the ingredients in the basket, be gentle not to push the cloth into the water. Place the top on and turn the still on, once you distil 1Litre turn off, cool down and bottle.