Tales of the Cocktail is going to Puerto Rico, and tickets are on sale

Image: talesofthecocktail.org
Tales of the Cocktail is the annual bartending and cocktail celebration that takes place in each July in New Orleans, and it has become a must-do for bartenders from across the globe. A few years back they launched another event, Tales on Tour, where they take a stripped-back version of the festival to other cities. This year’s destination?

Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is still coming to grips with the toll from Hurricane Maria which hit the island in 2017. Close to 3,000 people died as a consequence of the storm, and rebuilding efforts are ongoing.

Given that Tales of the Cocktail itself came about in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, as a means of bringing in dollars to the city’s businesses, Tales organisers feel that taking the event on tour to Puerto Rico can help them out at a difficult time, too. Attendees to the event will be able to volunteer their time on local projects, as well as attending cocktail seminars and, of course, the parties that Tales of the Cocktail is well-known for.

Tickets to the events they have in store are available now — for more information visit talesofthecocktail.org here.