Get the recipe for Chad Choulai’s The Fiji Banana (and set it on fire)

The boys of Bancho: Yoshi Onishi, Chad Choulai, and Luke Hanzlicek. Photo: Declan Roache
New Sydney bar, Bancho, has opened in the city’s Chinatown district with a view to bringing some properly constructed cocktails to an area that otherwise was a little short on great drinking options.

We looked inside the bar yesterday — you can read that story here — but today we’re looking at one of their cocktail recipes which is moving in numbers across the bar.

The Fiji Banana comes from bar manager Chad Choulai and draws on his decidedly tropical cocktail experience, having come to Bancho from rum bar The Lobo Plantation.

“The Fiji Banana is all about the tropics,” says co-owner Yoshi Onishi, “it’s light and something fun to drink in summer. Even though we’re still a whisky bar, we can have a little fun with the cocktails so we can diverge the offering to all of our customers.”

Of course, when you’re having fun with tropical flavours, it never hurts to add some pyrotechnics to the mix; when this cocktail is set alight, heads turn, and more people order it.


Take a look at the recipe below.

The Fiji Banana

  • 40 ml dark rum
  • 10 ml banana liqueur
  • 10 ml honey water (2:1)
  • 40 ml pineapple
  • 15 ml lime
  • grated nutmeg (to garnish)
  1. Shake and strain all ingredients (except the garnish) over cubed ice in a collins glass.
  2. Garnish with a lime husk, and a sugar cube and douse with overproof rum and set alight.
  3. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Recipe by Chad Choulai, Bancho