How to make the River Mint & Cola from Rosenbaum & Fuller

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The last year or so has been something of a quiet period for Lee Potter Cavanagh.

The veteran bartender arrived back in Australia 2014 fresh from a stint working in the UK, and was promptly involved in the opening of a number of venues. And in 2015, Potter Cavanagh took out the top prize and won the title of Bartender of the Year.

But for most of 2017, we hadn’t heard much from the prolific bartender. That was because he was in the process of realising a long-held ambition: opening his own bar.

Lee Potter Cavanagh is the owner of Bondi bar and restaurant, Rosenbaum & Fuller.

Rosenbaum & Fuller is the name of Potter Cavanagh’s new bar, and it’s located just a short stroll from the sands of Bondi Beach. Native ingredients are at the heart of what Potter Cavanagh wants to do at Rosenbaum & Fuller. It starts with the cocktail list: they’ve dispensed with cocktail names, instead calling out the prominent flavours of the drink, such as with this one here.

The River Mint & Cola does what it says on the tin — it’s like a drier, more complex Fernet & Cola; Potter Cavanagh’s drink does away with the cloying sweetness, and the introduction of 30ml of fresh espresso gives it a kick of caffeine to keep you kicking on. The end result? It’s one tall glass of deliciousness.

Take a look at the recipe below.

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