Introducing Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodkas

Garth Foster, Brand Development Manager for Belvedere Australia.

Newly appointed Brand Development Manager for Belvedere Australia, New Zealand, Garth Foster talks Belvedere DNA and the exploration of the brand into terroir.

Belvedere Vodka’s DNA involves three key pillars. These are to express our Polish provenance, create vodka full of character and highlight the virtues of rye as our raw material. With the introduction of this Single Estate series, we build on each of these pillars to further innovate and experiment this prestigious spirit.

We are proud to be a part of 600 years of Polish Vodka making tradition.

Poland has the most strict laws and indeed an appellation surrounding the production of Vodka- it is the only country that states that nothing may be added to its Pure Vodkas (besides water, yeast and the base ingredient). This means no finishing agents, flavourings
or sweeteners.

The Single Estates of Smogóry Forrest and Lake Bartezek, highlight the nuances of terroir within different regions of Poland.

Belvedere further refines its balance between purity and character when creating vodka- believing that distillation of four times creates this harmony perfectly. We are the enemy of neutrality when it comes to vodka.

Unlike Belvedere Pure Vodka, both of the Single Estate’s remain unfiltered through activated charcoal after distillation to highlight the subtle nuances in taste and texture.

The Single Estates are quite literally terroir distilled. With the personalities of the farmers, the climate and soil conditions each expressed in these vodkas.

We believe rye to be the most noble of all the grains traditionally used to distill vodka.

Belvedere Pure Vodka uses Dankowskie Gold Rye. This strain, grown in a number of areas across Poland, has a high starch content and helps create a bold characterful spirit.

For the Single Estate Series we have actually used the Dankowskie Diamond Rye strain. This bakers grade rye has a much lower starch content and yield and a more nuanced and delicately intricate spirit.

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