Get the recipe for Bulletin Place’s Fresh Quince of Bel-Air

Six years into Bulletin Place, and they’re still changing their menu every day (and coming up with fruit-inspired puns)

The pun game at much-lauded Sydney cocktail Bulletin Place has always been on point, but don’t let that distract you from the good stuff inside this glass. They’ve been playing around with a number of ferments for a while, and this pear wine they’ve used here? That’s the fruits of
a four month long fermentation process, all carried out in the comfort of their upstairs prep kitchen.

Fresh Quince of Bel-Air

  • 25 ml spiced quince wine
  • 25 ml matured pear wine
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice
  • 10 ml honey
  • 10 ml falernum

Recipe from Bulletin Place, Sydney.