Make the most of World Margarita Day

World Margarita Day is on 22 February – that’s this Friday. So how can you make the most of it and draw the punters into your bar?

Well according to Hayley Dixon, Proximo Australia’s Tequila Specialist, it’s all about using premium Tequila and putting a twist on a margarita that makes it your own.

“We’re seeing a huge shift in the way people are enjoying Tequila – from just shots of Tequila to sipping it neat and utilising it in cocktails,” she explains. “The Margarita is the perfect starter Tequila drink for most people as it’s fun, easy to drink and works well with most styles of Tequila. Add a quality 100% agave Tequila like Jose Cuervo Tradicional and you have a Margarita that drinkers will inevitably enjoy.

“Most people opt for a traditional Margarita or a Tommy’s, but it’s one of those drinks that you can easily have a bit of fun with. Try different sweeteners, infusions, citruses or even add a little spice. It’s hard to go wrong with a Margarita.”

To get you in the mood for Friday, Hayley has created a twist on a classic Margarita utilising freeze clarified pear juice, and served over block ice, care of Bare Bones Ice Company in Sydney.

[ultimate-recipe id=”48390″ template=”default”]

With consumer interest on the rise across the premium tequila category, Hayley explains, venues need to ensure their staff are up to speed on what consumers want and the background of the brands they are drinking.

Proximo is investing a lot of time educating bartenders around Tequila, with Hayley travelling nationally to host trade masterclasses. The focus of the program is on premium and 100 per cent agave Tequila, with 1800 Tequila, Gran Centenario, and Jose Cuervo Tradicional all featuring.

“There hasn’t been a focus on tequila for a long time, so bartenders are excited to learn more about the spirit,” she says. “Like all spirits categories you need to keep things interesting and we have been experimenting with events such as cooking with tequila and teaming up with chocolatiers for pairings. And both trade and consumers are responding really well.”

If you’re interested in booking a Tequila training session for your venue, speak with your local Proximo Spirits representative.