Australia to battle NZ for House of Angostura Melbourne takeover

Dan Gregory and Ray Letoa.

The House of Angostura will be hitting Melbourne this March for a series of takeovers, masterclasses, dinners and even a bartender battle.

The House of Angostura’s global brand ambassador Ray Letoa will join local legend and Angostura Australian Ambassador Dan Gregory to lead the charge when they hit up Melbourne from 18-21 March.

First up, a masterclass and a ‘friendly’ bartender battle at Beneath Driver Lane which will see a team of Aussies under Dan’s stewardship go up against Ray’s team of New Zealanders. It may not be the Bledisloe Cup, but as we all know, the rivalry runs deep between our two nations, so come down and support your team.

A number of other masterclasses at top Melbourne venues will run across the week for those who fancy brushing up on their knowledge of Angostura and its range of rums, bitters and amaro. And with bar takeovers at Black Pearl and La La Land and a dinner at Eau de Vie, consider Melbourne well and truly occupied!

18 March Beneath Driver Lane
3pm Angostura Masterclass with Dan Gregory and Ray Letoa

6.30pm AUS v NZ Bartender Battle

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19 March La La Land Windsor
3pm Angostura Masterclass with Dan and Ray
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5pm House of Angostura bar takeover

20 March Eau de Vie

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6.30pm Angostura Rum Degustation

21 March Black Pearl
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3pm Angostura Masterclass with Dan and Ray at Black Pearl

5pm House of Angostura bar takeover upstairs at The Attic at Black Pearl

If you fancy coming down to any of the House of Angostura events, get in touch with Brad Cuff at to reserve your spot.