How to make Bulletin Place’s fermented apricot & burnt honey cordial

This month we’ve been taking a look at the rise of all things fermentable, and how you can get started fermenting kombucha and crafting your own lacto ferments the way the folks at Bulletin Place do.

Well, as Bulletin Place’s bar manager, Evan Stroeve, pointed out to us, fermenting does stop there. They’ve been using fermentation to craft their own cordials, too.

These have next to no alcohol in them; instead what you’re looking for is texture and aroma.

Give their recipe for Apricot & Burnt Honey cordial a go below; it’s a key component of their cocktail, Skipping Stones (and plenty delicious).

Skipping Stones

  • 25 ml calvados
  • 25 ml bourbon
  • 20 ml apricot & burnt honey cordial
  • 15 ml citrus
  • 10 ml sauternes syrup
  1. Method: Shake & Dump
  2. Ice: Cubed/Crushed
  3. Garnish: Apricot Skewer

For the Apricot & Burnt Honey Cordial

  • 350g apricot juice or puree
  • 3g Packet CY17 Wine Yeast (champagne yeast is fine)
  • 1000ml water
  • 100g burnt honey
  1. Blend diced apricot with 0.02% Pectinex. Let settle and weigh 350g juice. Alternatively, blend into a thorough puree.
  2. Dissolve juice, sugar and water.
  3. Hydrate yeast, for 30 minutes, in room temperature water.
  4. Pitch yeast and stir thoroughly.
  5. Leave for a week, checking daily. Sweetness should drop, and a slight vinegar/acetic note should be there (very slight). This may take 5 days, it may take 10, depending on ambient temperature etc.
  6. When you’re happy, fine strain and add 50% sugar and malic/tartaric acid to taste.