Here’s four St Patrick’s Day Irish whiskey cocktail recipes

St Patrick’s Day: On March the 17th each year, the Irish pubs are full with Paddys, Guinness a-pouring, a sea of green and streams of whiskey flowing.

St Patrick is Ireland’s go-to saint, and it’s this day that is taken to celebrate his saintly acts. But it’s also become a sort of de-facto marketing holiday for Guinness, an opportunity to wear otherwise unadvisable amounts of green, and to celebrate other fine Irish exports like Irish whiskey.

And Irish whiskey is something we can get behind. We’ve never had more bottlings of the good Irish stuff on the market — there is a verifiable boom in Irish whiskey producing going on right now — and it tends to be the perfect whiskey for mixing. Rounded, approachable, and generous with flavour — it’s the hero ingredient in the recipes we’ve got for you below.

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