Take a look at Perth’s Si Paradiso

Si Paradiso.

All day drinking and dining is the big thing of the moment, and there’s usually an Italian connection to proceedings, too. Maybe Italians just do it better?

Maybe they do or they don’t, but one thing we do know is that there’s a lot of great aperitivo and Spritz-style drinking coming out of that influence, and that’s what’s going on at Si Paradiso.

They’ve taken over an important bar site in Highgate; just about every Perth bartender is one or two degrees separation from the site when it was Luxe Bar. But Si Paradiso has made the space its own: they’ve given the amphitheatre and outdoor area an Italianate dressing up, and there’s plenty of Italian dishes and pizza to give you sustenance during a lengthy afternoon session of Spritz.

Si Paradiso.

Si Paradiso.

You can find them at 446 Beaufort St, Highgate.

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