Take a look at Corretto Dee Why, the new bar from Kurtis Bosley

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Sydney’s northern beaches have picked up a new bar and eatery from an award-winning bartender. Corretto Dee Why opened last week, and it comes from talented barkeep Kurtis Bosley.

Billed as an all day European bar and eatery, Corretto is Bosley’s first venue on his own. In his previous role, Bosley oversaw bar operations for the Public House Management Group; this new venture will see him in the owner operator role and out on his own for the first time.

“We’re on the water there, the whole site looks straight out onto the beach, so obviously that aperitivo, brunch, light cocktails style will be a big push,” says Bosley.

As they’ve got a liquor licence that runs from open until their midnight close, low-ABV drinking is on the cards here.

Below, Bosley talks to us about what exactly is on the cards now that his debut bar is open.


What’s the big idea behind the venue?
I’ll be the first to admit that since taking over the space i’ve adjusted my way of thinking regarding the brands direction and how I can best offer something new and exciting for the neighborhood. We’re located in a busting community that attracts locals, tourists and everything in between so the idea is to bring these all together in an all day drinking and dining destination.

What’s the go with the drinks – any particular focus? Can you describe your offering?
Our drinks we wanted to focus on doing the simple things f*cking amazing. The budget for equipment is almost non-existent so we’ve had to be really creative in how we are using our ingredients to best create more intriguing flavors whilst keeping to our demographic and not alienating anyone.

Are cocktails going to be a big part of what you do?
Since launching the new brand Thursday, they are now accounting for close to 65% of beverage sales which is higher than a forecast which is a super exciting thing for myself and [bar manager] Tua Fatongiatau.

Describe the food?
We’re located at the beach so we focus heavily on seafood with a share plates a big part of our brand.

What do you hope to bring to the area?
Our space is bringing all day drinking and dining back, often I feel rushed by restaurants to come in, eat then leave . We’re very casual in our approach and want people to feel comfortable to stay for a good amount of time

How did you bring Tua on board?
I competed against Tua in last year’s The Perfect Blend Competition in NSW. It just so happens that he lives up the road from the venue so when I took over we had a few conversations about the space and what we could create then he came on board prior to relaunch.

You can find Corretto Dee Why at 24 The Strand, Dee Why Beach.