5 Reasons to try Kavalan’s Distillery Select

It’s the first ‘entry-level Kavalan’ to be released and will be showcased for the first time at Whiskey Show Sydney and Whisky Live Canberra. Here are some reasons to make this whisky your top choice for mixing, or serving neat.

First-class pedigree
Master Blender Ian Chang sums it up like this: “For our entry level bottling, we wanted to provide a quality whisky at a very good price.”

It may be priced at entry-level, but the quality is in line with what you’d expect from Kavalan, which has notched up the industry’s top awards across its 14 year history. To Kavalan’s name are the “World’s Best Single Malt” and “World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt” from the World Whiskies Awards together with “Distiller of the Year” from the International Wine and Spirit Competition and “Distillery of the Year” from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Ever so smooth
Like all Kavalans, Distillery Select at 40% ABV is smooth as silk. Kavalan’s legendary water source Snow Mountain stands 3,800m tall, ensuring a naturally refined water so pure it gives each sip of Kavalan the creamiest of mouth-feels.

Sweet as
It’s not just Distillery Select’s smoothness that comes from the water, but its sweetness. Yilan’s volcanic earth is enriched with minerals, which when absorbed by the water, creates its sweetness. Later during fermentation, the yeasts will feed off these minerals to create turbo congeners, which pack in the flavour.

Fruits paradise
Thanks to the skills of Master Blender Ian Chang, who was trained up by the “Einstein of Whisky,” the late Dr Jim Swan, Distillery Select achieves all of Kavalan’s signature fruitiness – the mango, apple, cherry and pineapple – in a showcase of Kavalan’s subtropical island home.

Great for mixing
Matured in multiple high-quality refill barrels, Distillery Select holds little influence of the wood or previous spirit held within the barrels. Instead it allows just the enticing fruity, sweet and velvety smoothness to stand out: the perfect whisky to mix with.

40% ABV. 700L. Entry-level in all but price. Just AU$99.95 RRP.

Try Distillery Select for yourself at Whiskey Show Sydney (17th-18th May 2019) and Whisky Live Canberra (31st May & 1st June 2019)

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