It’s on like monkey kong with Monkey Shoulder’s arcade game party

It’s the skills that pay the bills, yet what’s life without a little fun? Monkey Shoulder is set to launch its bartending competition that has nothing to do with cocktails. The competition’s goal, according to Brand Ambassador Mikey Lowe, is, ‘To offer all competitors the same chance to win, whether it be your first year bartending or your 100th year, everyone’s got the same chance.”

Inviting contestants to #playwithyourwhisky in both the literal and figurative ways, the competition will be run along the lines of a classic arcade and gaming party. “The youngest of these games is still over 20 years old,” says Mikey, “That’s a whole generation of bartenders who only know these games in the historical sense and anyone old enough to have played them are 20 years out of practice – that’s where the fair go aspect resonates”. In the figurative sense, the competition will be hosted as an all invited party sponsored by Monkey Shoulder. A focus will be to heavily promote delicious and innovative cocktails using Monkey Shoulder, and all whilst having fun doing it.

“We’ve brazenly upped the stakes this year, we want to live this fun filled life.” As such, the national winner will be jet setting to Camp Monkey hosted in Italy this week. An all-encompassing “summer camp for bartenders’, with a focus to international networking, learning, training, cocktails, and fun in the sun. 

Are you ready player one? Competition dates are as follows:

SYDNEY – May 20th @ The Bank Hotel
PERTH – June 4th   @ Dutch Trading Co.
MELBOURNE – June 11th   @ Whitehart Bar
BRISBANE – June 24th  @ Welcome To Bowen Hills
ADELAIDE – July 15th   @ Cry Baby