Agung Prabowo, Asia’s top bartender, is coming to MONIN’s Bartending as an Art series at Bar Week

Agung Prabowo will come to Sydney Bar Week this year to host MONIN’s Bartending as an Art masterclass.

MONIN, the world’s number one selling syrup brand, is proud to announce its partnership with Agung Prabowo after his Hong Kong Bar recently ranked #1 in the 2019 Asia’s 50 Best Bars list. MONIN will bring Prabowo for Sydney Bar Week as a part of their “Bartending as an Art” series featuring world class bartenders.

MONIN, is proud to announce its partnership with Agung Prabowo, recently ranked #1 on 2019 list of the Asia’s Top 50 Bars for his famous HK Bar ‘The Old Man’. The “Bartending as an Art” series features world class bartenders. Agung hosts a 2-hour session and  will share his success, inspirational story and his love of modern bartending and the current global cocktail culture. During the masterclass, take the opportunity to learn more about his famous Ernest Hemingway inspired menu, modern bartending techniques as well as sampling some of the world-famous ‘The Old Man’ recipes. Most importantly, be inspired by Agung’s simple and authentic approach as a humble bartender refining his craft.

“We, at MONIN, are very proud to welcome such an inspiring man, bartender and entrepreneur during this event which gathers the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Australian and world bartenders,” says Tomas Vikario, MONIN Business Development Director Asia Pacific.

“During this 2-hour session, get to meet Agung Prabowo who will share his success story, inspiration and love behind modern bartending and global cocktail culture. Participants will get to learn more about his famous Ernest Hemingway inspired menu, modern bartending techniques and sample some of the world-famous ‘The Old Man’ recipes. Most importantly, I think people will be inspired by Agung’s simple and authentic approach as a humble bartender refining his craft,” adds Nathan James, MONIN marketing manager at Stuart Alexander & Co.

The Old Man
Led by three of Hong Kong’s cocktail and bar forerunners and self-proclaimed “old men” Agung Prabowo, James Tamang and Roman Ghale have taken the cocktail scene by storm with innovative drinks and a unique approach to mixology in their cocktail bar, The Old Man. After opening its doors in August 2017, the Ernest Hemingway-inspired speakeasy made waves by ranking #5 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars and debuted #10 in the 2018 list of World’s 50 Best Bars, the highest debut in history. Not content here, in 2018 the bar was crowned winner of T. Dining Awards’ Best Cocktails category and following this success The Old Man opens in Singapore.

2019 has been another award winning year for The Old Man as it returns to the regional stage in flying colors, ranking #1 on the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list. Agung’s latest Bar incarnation, The Sea by The Old Man is his latest creative outlet building on the success of his HK & Singapore bars.

The Old Man.

Cocktails Inspired by Ernest Hemingway at The Old Man
Located in a discreet corner of the trendy SoHo district, The Old Man sweeps Hemingway fans and cocktail connoisseurs into a world tailored to the beautifully complex mind of the iconic writer. With a name, drinks menu and overall concept paying tribute to Ernest Hemingway’s Pulitzer Prize winning fictional work, The Old Man and The Sea deliver truly innovative and fascinating cocktails with an Asian touch. Each drink tells a story with a character, history and unique ingredient story behind each one.

The “Best of the Old Man” offers a unique take on Hemingway’s oeuvre, showcasing tastes, smells and colors of the cocktails he enjoyed and placed so prominently in his stories. A Moveable Feast #1964 uses a rotary evaporator to extract elements of the sea, taking memorable aromas of the sea and concentrating them into liquid form. Paying homage to a Hemingway book set in the idyllic south of France in 1927, Garden of Eden #1985 infuses rotovap honeydew rye whiskey with goat’s milk bourbon, caramelized sauterne, cordial and orange-phosphate bitter. In Our Time #1924 is a collection of short stories and vignettes chronicling the years before and after World War I that rocketed Hemingway to fame. For this, Prabowo has put together an eclectic combination of ingredients, such as clarified banana ghee and celery, salted tequila and spiced banana skin tincture.

Under “Not Hemingway’s Favorites”, Prabowo has created two new non-alcoholic cocktails that wouldn’t exactly be the famous writer’s first choice, but are astonishingly delicious.

A Moveable Feast.

The MONIN team are honored that Agung Prabowo will be visiting Sydney and sharing his passion of bartending. Do not miss the chance to witness this global phenomena as Agung inspires a league of new and upcoming bartenders. This masterclass will give participants the chance to ask all the questions they’ve always wanted to ask about booming Asian bar scene & craft cocktail culture and enjoy cocktails served up by one of the best and most awarded bartenders in the world today.

The Details
WHAT: ‘Bartending as an art’ series – 2019 Masterclass by Agung Prabowo.
WHERE: TBC, Sydney
WHEN: Tuesday 17th of September 2019 from 3pm to 5pm, during Sydney Bar Week