Jägermeister’s Hubertus Circle turns one…and then heads north!

In May Hubertus Circle, Jägermeister’s bartender community based program, celebrated it’s first birthday here in Australia. Hurrah.

Launched in Berlin, back in 2011, the invite-only program works around the edict of education, idea sharing and collaboration. Jägermeister partner with a select few bartenders across the country, offering them support where they can, and a global network of some of the best bartenders in the business. In return, Jägermiester asks them to drink a lot of the delicious liqueur and throw parties for them. Win-Win.

Year one of the Australian chapter was quite the year, witnessing the members host panel discussions across the country, throw their very own Berlin style event at Sydney Bar Week – in an abandoned church, with a snake; none-the-less – and face-off against the Hubertus Circle Russian team in Berlin, during BCB. * There were other things, but maybe they can’t be published here.

“Well that can’t be topped, may as well all go home for a lie down,” we hear you murmur. Well no, we shan’t, in-fact year two plans to be even bigger.

To celebrate turning one, the Circle ventured outside of Sydney for the first time and picked up some of Brisbane’s finest – whilst also adding a few new girls and guys within its hometown – taking the tally to a rather enviable eleven. We could wax lyrical about the new members, but who has time to read in this day and age, so here’s a video here where you can see for yourself.

Stay tuned to hear more from us in the up-coming months. Year two will be big. It will be fun. And there will be a lot of shots involved. Join us.