PS40’s Africola is a hot and cold concoction that’ll keep you wanting more

It’s through these doors that you’ll open a new world of flavour. Photo: Alana Dimou

Inspiration comes from many places; creative types have tried to nail down the source of their muse since forever. But sometimes it’s as simple as asking the right questions.

“The drink came about when we were sitting at The Duke of Clarence having a really delicious Irish coffee,” says PS40’s bar manager Peter Seabrook.

“We just thought, what would happen if we turned it upside down?”

Well, we can tell you: you get a damn delicious drink. There’s hot and cold tempratures going on, a textural thing from the foam, and a nutty, citrus, moreish flavour profile that leaves you wanting more.

Which is just about all you could ask for in a drink, right?


  • Mr Black Coffee Liqueur (from the freezer)
  • PS40 Wattle Cola
  • warm coconut foam (at 70C)
  1. Pour Wattle Cola first, then frozen Mr Black into the cola to reduce any foam that may occur.
  2. Charge off warm coconut foam into a warm vessel and then slowly layer on top.

Recipe adapted from PS40, Sydney