Here are the 14 bartenders who’ll duke it out for the Bartender Boxing Organisation at Bar Week

Bartender Boxing Organisation
The 14 bartenders that made the Bartender Boxing Organisation cut.

Sydney Bar Week is just around the corner.

And one of the great events in store this year is this one from Raj Nagra’s Bartender Boxing Organisation. The big fight night comes to Bar Week on Sunday 15 September, and will represent the culmination of three months of training.

Last Friday the program got underway in earnest, with a Top 20 list of bartender taking part in the try-outs. Put through their paces, 14 bartenders made the cut — take a look at them below.

“It’s an exciting time for the contenders who will need to focus on the next three months,” says Nagra. “Some of the bartenders will need to make some lifestyle changes and get fighting fit for the big event scheduled during Bar Week on the 15th September 2019.”

  • Steve McDermott – The Duke of Clarence
  • Daniel Hilton – The Lobo Plantation
  • Jonothan Carr – Liquid & Larder
  • Lou Dare – Employees Only
  • Liam Monroe – Cauliflower Hotel
  • Evan Kerivan – Golden Age Cinema & Bar
  • Nathan Barnes – Papa Gede’s Bar
  • Tim Stones – Manly Spirits Co.
  • Sam Egerton – Merivale
  • Lucy McCann – The Duke of Clarence
  • Federica Thorn – Continental Deli Bar & Bistro CBD
  • Rebecca Ford – Golden Age Cinema & Bar
  • Rachael Merritt – Jangling Jack’s
  • Sven Almenning – Speakeasy Group

If you’re a brand and you want to join Crawley’s Syrups/The Simple Syrup Co, The House of Angostura, Brooklyn Beer, and Sailor Jerry in supporting a great cause, email

And it is a great cause, as they’ll be raising funds for Black Dog. To follow the fighters on their path to a better lifestyle and achieving their health goals, check out Bartender Boxing Organisation on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s just one of the 35+ events ins store for the five days of Sydney bar Week taking place between the 14th and 18th of September — click here to check out the full timetable.