Want to travel to the most unusual distillery on Earth? Time is running out to enter Hendrick’s Cultivate The Unusual Mind challenge

Want to travel to the most unusual distillery on Earth? With a friend?

Entries are almost closed for the CULTIVATE THE UNSUAL MIND challenge by Hendrick’s Gin.

You have until 23:59 AEST Sunday 30th June to get your entries in!

Enter here at: https://cultivatetheunusualmind.pgtb.me/JH4LjT 

CULTIVATE THE UNUSUAL MIND is a challenge of creativity in the unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin.

Known for its peculiar immersive experiences since its launch in 1999, Hendrick’s has now laid down the gauntlet to bartenders across Australia do to the same.

This is not a cocktail competition; so leave your rotovaps and wild ferments at home.

Entering in pairs; bartenders will be challenged to create their own immersive Hendrick’s experience for ten people, lasting no longer than ten minutes, dedicated to the glorious cucumber.

The first round is a simple online entry where you’ll need to detail what your experience entails and the journey you’ll take your guests on. 

Three pairs in each region* will then progress to a regional final. As part of a larger Hendrick’s trade event; finalists will be given a $500 budget to bring their experience to life for bartenders from their city.

At each of these events, a team of expert judges will select a winning pair to win a trip to GIRVANA, the brand new Hendrick’s Gin Palace distillery in Girvan, Scotland. That’s a total of six individuals across the country, making it some pretty great odds!

“This distillery trip has been carefully curated to be the pinnacle of bartender experiences,” said Morgan Flanagan, Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador for Australia. “There’ll be castles, foraging, penny farthings and all manner of distilling wonders. Plenty of martinis as well of course.”

For further information on how to enter, email morgan.flanagan@wgrant.com 

*Regions are defined within the Terms and Conditions which can be found through the entry link above.