It’s time to RSVP for this year’s House of William Grant party at Bar Week

The House of William Grant party at Sydney Bar Week last year.

There’s plenty of stuff going on at Sydney Bar Week this year — there’s 36 events on the timetable this year — but it’s not all education and knowledge-expansion; it’s also a time to party.

That’s what the House of William Grant Hospo Party is all about. They’ll have their ambassadors on board hosting a huge celebration, and if it’s anything like last year’s event, this will be a party to remember.

This is just one of the 35-plus great events lined up over five days of Sydney Bar Week, taking place between Saturday the 14th and Wednesday the 18th of September. It’s set to be the biggest Bar Week ever — get over to and get your RSVPs and tickets sorted before they run out.

Take a look at the details below.

The details
House of William Grant Hospo Party
Date: Monday, 16 September 2019
Time: 9:00pm to 11:00pm

William Grant and Sons is set to bring the Biggest Hospo Party ever to Sydney Bar Week. How will you get there?

Hosting arguably the biggest party of the year at last year’s Bar Week, what could possibly ensure that they go bigger this year? Why not start by more than doubling the overall vision for their event?

This year, the ambitious party is being hosted at their very own ‘House’ for the evening in the Sydney CBD. Keeping to the location’s history, the creatives behind the party will be unveiling the entire brand vehicle fleet, aptly nicknamed ‘The Garage of Willy G’. Topping this will be the exciting launch of tantalising new products and trends for the first time in Australia. Multiple international ambassadors will be joining the fray to serve out and interact with guests as hosts to this incredible global experience. And whilst this is only the half of what they are letting on, you can expect a full catered experience, understanding why people claim that they have the “coolest brands out there”.

Contact for all the details and to get on the guest list.