Take a look inside Sydney bar Jackalberry

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“If you want to know about a culture, spend a night in its bars,” Hemingway once wrote — sound advice from old Papa.

But what if you can’t be travelling the world in pursuit of a great story and a drink the way, say, a Charles H. Baker Jr might have done? 

Well new Sydney bar, Jackalberry, is answering that question and bringing the drinks of the world to you.

Led by bar mananger Stuart Thompson, the cocktail list is designed to read like the travel journal of a well-travelled drinker. 

It’s a concept that allows Thompson and company the ability to list drinks with sake for a taste of Japan; The Livingstone Tiki hits Tanzania using Emperor Heritage Mauritian Rum, oak-aged saffron gin, rooibos tisane, lemon oleo saccharum and rosemary honey. 



This approach extends to the food on offer as well — you can snack on some Scandi fare  (smoked cod fritters anyone?) or skip on over to Morocco and further afield.

And you won’t even have to pay for airfares or accomodation.

Jackalberry is at 161 Sussex Street, Sydney.