Sydney Bar Week 2019 – Day 5 Wrap!

So that’s it folks. Sydney Bar Week 2019 is all over, done & dusted, finito. Phew!

It’s 12 months of planning, negotiating, spreadsheeting, booking and timetabling and we are humbled by the phenomenal turnout to this event each year. This little city on the underside of the world is now host to one of the biggest celebrations of the bar industry in the world and that is pretty phenomenal. So thanks to you all – the sponsors and everyone who came along and attended an event – whether it was one or 10, you were all an integral part of the machine that made Bar Week 2019 hum! Torrential rain doesn’t stop us! And we look forward to plotting the epic timetable for 2020!

Here is a wrap of the last events of the week that was:

Planet Snag x Bar Week @ Old Mate’s Place


Whiskey Roadshow @ Potts Point Hotel