Here’s how you can attend The Perfect Blend ambassador sessions

The Perfect Blend: an industry cocktail competition that is so much more than the drink you create and submit upon entry. 

The Perfect Blend is about self-discovery, unlocking individual talent and being part of a passionate community. A community full of likeminded people, that are ardent about the industry they dedicate their time to. 

The Perfect Blend, is a platform, that encompasses education from global, and local mentors and our very own Brand Ambassadors, as well as challenges for personal development and growth,  and not forgetting and array of experiences and adventures that may not cross the ‘everyday’ path of  a bartender. 

If you haven’t entered a competition before and the thought literally makes you want to shit your pants, or sends you into hyperventilation, grabbing the closest paper bag… we’ve two incredible competitors from the past few years who can share their personal experiences, which may in tune change your self-perception of what you’re actually capable of. And what opportunity awaits…

Tim Pope, Apprentice VIC

I was fortunate to win the Grand Final, Apprentice Category, 2018. As part of The Perfect Blend, my personal highlight, (aside from the obviously amazing trip to America, Kentucky to visit the home of bourbon,  as well as Tales of the Cocktail,)  would be my first time on stage competing! As a first timer, what should have been a very stressful and nerve wracking experience was made to actually  be really fun and relaxed,  due to the support of the Blend team and Ambassadors. This inevitably allowed me to compete with the best mindset, and deliver my best performance.

The Blend has been the first stepping stone of my career as a professional bartender. and gave me the confidence to take on peers and bring my level of bartending to a stage I thought out of reach.

Savannah Williams, Apprentice, QLD

The Blend program has absolutely skyrocketed my bartending career I believe, and my confidence in my bartending abilities. I went from a competent bartender with a little bit of knowledge in each field, to now being nominated for Rookie of the Year, 2018, placing in the Top 25 Bartenders in Australia, and a grand final competitor in The Perfect Blend, 2019. I now have strong ongoing networks with key brand ambassadors to not only build a professional relationship but lifelong friendships as well. It gave me an idea of what I wanted to strive for out of this industry and how I could succeed with the help of the networks I have created along the way. I have The Blend program and the people involved to thank largely for their love, support and encouragement. 

I would 110% recommend entering The Perfect Blend, just for the experience alone. The knowledge and professional networks you gain are invaluable as well as presentation experience that can enhance your everyday involvement with customers behind the bar. It gives you a sense of confidence knowing that you’ve presented before and you can do it again with more knowledge to back yourself than you’ve ever had. 

We’ve heard your feedback and set up some sessions hosted by your local Ambassadors as well as previous winners, to share their personal experiences and stories of their individual journeys with the competition. This is your chance to ask your ambassador the ins and out of the competition, as well as tasting the products within the Beam Suntory portfolio.

1st October
Electra House hosted by Erica Richards and Max Giudice

14th October
Scout hosted by Tim Laferla and Cameron Pirret

23rd October
Rude boy hosted by Tom Scott and Tim Laferla
2:30 – 4pm

29th October
18th Amendment  Hosted by Ollie Margan and Tom Scott

October 30th
Melbourne Beneath Driver Lane hosted by Tom Scott and Ollie Margan


Start your journey today, with The Perfect Blend, become part of our family.

We’ve changed things up this year, with a unique ‘The Blend experience’, at Regional Finals, as well as another Grand Final in an international location! With some epic, and we mean EPIC mentors along the way as part of our competition!