Sydney’s Adam Lau wins Amaro Montenegro’s The Vero Bartender Australian title

Grain’s Adam Lau has won the national final of The Vero Bartender by Amaro Montenegro.

Adam Lau from Grain of Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney was crowned winner of the Australian title of The Vero Bartender. Adam was one of ten finalists from Australia on Tuesday at The George on Collins in Melbourne to compete.

Adam has been Grain Bar Supervisor at Grain for a little over two years and this was his first experience in a professional cocktail competition.

A lover of Amaro Montenegro, Adam says “I’m thrilled to have won but also learnt so much from other competitors during the event, it was seriously tough competition. Sharing the journey with the other legends is just amazing. This prize has a massive impact on my career, as it’s my first ever competition and winning in Melbourne means a huge amount as it’s the place where I first picked up a shaker and started bartending.”

The ten finalists faced a judging panel that included Piotr Kuzmicki, VIC Montenegro & Select Brand Ambassador, Andrea Gualdi, NSW Montenegro & Select Brand Ambassador, Ashley Ng, food and drinks blogger of Imsohungree and Jimmy Burchett, drinks consultant for Menace to Sobriety.  

 “Sustainability and shareability was key and Adam’s Montenegro cocktail is a drink that most bartenders could replicate.” Commented judge and newly appointed Brand Ambassador Andrea Gualdi of Maybe Sammy in Sydney. “Adam’s presentation was flawless and he delivered on every aspect of the selection criteria across taste, balance, inspiration, creativity, technique, technical execution, presentation and performance.”

Adam will now represent Australia in the global final held in Milan in November and participate in a Global Residency program which involves five days to discover Amaro Montenegro, attend exclusive training activities with the best bartenders in the World, experience sightseeing and entertainment, gourmet and cocktail experiences, visit Italy’s best bars and restaurant, and could go on to win the ultimate prize of Global The Vero Bartender representing the brand at Bar Convent in 2020 in Brooklyn, USA. 

Adam’s Amaro Montenegro winning sharing cocktail “Te Nero” is described here by him as “A fruity, refreshing, complex and highly sustainable cocktail. It is a drink that has a lot of layers of flavours, elegance and sophistication. Tea cocktails are becoming a trend because of its versatility, unique flavour and depth, especially paired with Amaro Montenegro.”

To prepare a single serve, use the recipe below (and multiply accordingly for sharing purposes).

  • 45mls Amaro Montenegro
  • 15mls Pilla Select Aperitivo
  • 15mls Orange Juice
  • 15mls Lemon Juice
  • 15mls Earl Grey Tea Syrup

Add all ingredients to your Soda Stream and add 35% dilution (water) to add carbonation. Build in a wine glass rimmed with powdered orange and a candied lemon zest garnish.

Garnish preparation:
Candied lemon zest. Boil lemon zest for 15 minutes to soften the zest, strain and toss the lemon zest with fine sugar.

Powdered Orange. Dehydrate and powderise leftover orange after juicing.

To learn more about Amaro Montenegro please visit or contact your local Brand Ambassador.