Jägermeister’s Hubertus Circle threw a party. And How.

Jägermeister handed over the reigns of the Bar Awards after party to their Bartender community Hubertus Circle. Every facet of the event was curated by the Sydney and QLD members – and from their brain boxes “Berlin and Beyond” was born. 

At a location not revealed until the 11th hour, and an event shrouded in mystery throughout, the Iconic Burdekin Hotel was transformed from Sydney hotspot into a nightclub inspired by the German capital. Techno, shots and contortionists, this party had the lot. For those of you who missed it – or those of you who didn’t, but just have a hazy account of the night – check this out. It was wild! Or, as the as the Germans would say: “It was wild!” (but in a German accent. Most Germans speak English).