These are the 18 women through to the Speed Rack Australian final

Millie Tang took out the top spot at the Speed Rack Brisbane final this past weekend.

After holding a series of heats around the country, the finalists for the Speed Rack Australia Season 2 national final have been announced.

For those of you unaware of Speed Rack, it’s a competition founded by American bartenders Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero to put a spotlight on the great female bartenders working in the industry, and all proceeds from the events go to supporting breast cancer education, prevention and research. It’s a hell of a good time for a great cause.

Last year saw the founders come to Australia for the national final, in which top flight talent from around the country came to battle it out with the mighty Priscilla Leong taking out the title. And they’ll be back again for November 3rd, when the Season 2 Speed Rack Australian final is held at The Espy in Melbourne.

Tickets are set to go on sale shortly, so keep an eye on their website, and follow them on Facebook here.

If this year’s final is anything like last year’s, it’s set to be a ripper of a night raising money for a great cause.

Take a look at the finalists below.

  • Jessica Arnott – Tiny’s Bar & Liquor Emporium (WA)
  • Savanna McDonald – Long Chim (WA)
  • Nicola Dean – Maybe Mae (SA)
  • Kayla Grigoriou – Maybe Mae (SA)
  • Millie Tang – The Gresham (QLD)
  • Kayla Reid – Savile Row (QLD)
  • Alissa Gabriel – Mjolner (NSW)
  • Molly Gillis – Jangling Jack’s (NSW)
  • Mary White – The Lobo Plantation (NSW)
  • Christine Lam – Employees Only (NSW)
  • Helen Yu – SoCal (NSW)
  • Sarah Proietti – J&M (NSW)
  • Shay Chamberlain – Black Pearl (VIC)
  • Shenai Jones – The 18th Amendment (VIC)
  • Tiana Matthews – Eau de Vie (VIC)
  • Emma Bird – Brogan’s Way Distillery Door (VIC)
  • Bianca Wendt – The Everleigh (VIC)
  • Chelsea Lamperd – Eau de Vie (VIC)