This Pho-tini recipe from Burrow Bar is all about umami

Here comes the umami. This drink comes by way of Burrow Bar co-owner Chau Tran, and is a result of “an obsession with savoury cocktails, dirty Martinis and Vietnamese food,” she says.

“There’s a general pursuit within the team to find the best bowl of pho in Sydney — it’s the hangover gift from the booze gods,” says Tran. “Generally, I can tell if the team has had a belter of a night if I wander in and they are stuck into a bowl of pho from upstairs. So it all just came together.”

And the best part? The by-product of the fat-washing process is a delicious pho.

“We make a pot of pho and use the fat from the top of the master stock to fat wash the gin,” Tran says. “The pho stock gets used and gifted to the team. The oil garnish and fat wash mimics that signature film that should coat your mouth when you have a really good bowl of pho.”



  • 60 ml pho fat-washed dry gin
  • 15 ml Mancino Secco vermouth ((infused with coriander and bean sprouts))
  • 2 dash MSG solution ((50:1 water to MSG))
  1. Stir down the gin and vermouth with ice and strain into a chilled Nick & Nora.
  2. Garnish with a couple drops of Thai basil and green chilli oil.
  3. Mainline that bad boy.

Recipe by Chau Tran, Burrow Bar.