Here’s what you need to know about JERRY

The world of a hospitality professional is one of the most exciting. Late nights, brand parties, kick offs with kick ons, lock in’s, new friends and family in and out of our teams every day. With an ever-growing number of passionate people thriving in our industry, so too grows the desire for education, sustainable practices, and, most importantly, our time.

If you haven’t heard already, Proof & Company’s online e-learning platform, named after the godfather of cocktails, Jerry Thomas, intends to provide a high level of modern education to Food & Beverage Professionals, in a paperless format to fight for sustainability and adhere to the ever changing lifestyle of a Hospitality Professional in 2019’s most accessible method – our phones.

With education facilitated by a panel of industry experts, known as JERRY Professors, including, Charlie Ainsbury, Bobby Carey, Chris Lowder, Jason Williams, and more, JERRY Learning is brand agnostic and holistic. Subsiding blurred category education from brand representatives with holistic values to teach students not how to make the best ‘Old Fashioned’, but more purposefully, the psychological aspects of hospitality including leadership, team ethics and strategy.

One year since the launch, it has proudly received a nomination for Training Program of the Year by Australian Bartender Magazine, as well as testimonials from just a few of our most influential and informative members of our community:

“I spend the majority of my time and energy training the staff on the physical and psychological aspect of being a complete bartender. I have taken to using JERRY as a platform to outsource the product knowledge and spirit education side of training –having an established, legitimate group like Proof & Company aiding me on this side of training allows me to focus my energy and time on what I do best.”
— Steve Schneider, co-owner of Employees Only & veteran bartender.

“Why do I like JERRY? JERRY is great for us because we can engage with the course content independently and then come together as a team to explore what we’ve learnt. Course material designed by some of the world’s best bartenders is an added incentive for my more ambitious staff to get involved with extra learning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how my less experienced crew members progress with JERRY. It’s really easy to use and I enjoy the extra reporting features and ability to tailor courses to suit our business.”
— Huw Griffiths, bar manager and owner of Union Electric Bar & Rooftop Gin Garden

Interested to meet JERRY? Check out and use the code jerryAUS (for those based in Australia) or jerryNZ (based in New Zealand) for a free one month trial! For even more information contact