Little Felix: cocktails worthy of the cocktail books of old

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The French know how to do things right: wine, food, spirits — they’ve got the whole joie de vivre thing down.

And at Little Felix, a small bar next to Felix (the restaurant) in Sydney CBD, they’re drawing on that boozy joie de vivre. The cocktails here are inspired by the Paris of Hemingway’s days, simple and elegant affairs without the frills, but which pack the flavour in. Take the Raconteur, for instance: Plymouth and Monkey 47 gins, Yellow Chartreuse, macvin du Jura, and orange bitters combine for a delicious, classically-style cocktail worthy of the cocktail books of old.

The bar is a must-visit for anyone with a penchant for French spirits, and if you’re into large format wines and champagne, well, this is your bar: all the wines are poured from magnums.

You can find Little Felix at 2a Ash St, Sydney.