Moon Dog World: take a look inside the vast, boozy, Melbourne playground

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We don’t usually cover the openings of brewery bars, but then this isn’t your regular brewery-cum-bar.

Yes, they make great beer, but it’s more than that. Moon Dog World isn’t small in its ambitions, for one: the space is open all day and night, and can cater to some thousand people at a time. It’s also got 2009 Bartender of the Year and Black Pearl veteran Chris Hysted-Adams on board keeping an eye on the bar, which means you know ahead of time that the service and the non-beer beveraging is going to be top notch.

But this place also has a blue lagoon. We don’t mean the cocktail, by the way: there is a freaking actual lagoon which is blue.
Moon Dog World
32-46 Chifley Drive, Preston, VIC