Look at the classic steakhouse feel of The Gidley, Sydney

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The latest venue from the Liquid & Larder group, The Gidley, has opened in a basement on the corner of King and Elizabeth Streets in the Sydney CBD.

They’ve opened a restaurant and bar that is inspired by the classic American steakhouse of old, but given the place their own spin on things.

Food-wise, expect meat — specifically, Riverine Rib Eye which you can order in any of three ways: spinalis, which is the juicy cut romped from the cap; as a standing rib roast in either a 700gnm or 300gm portion; or you can go classic and have it on the bone, cooked over ironbark and charcoal.

The drinks are taken care of by the Liquid & Lardger group bars manager, Jonothan Carr, and they’re designed to complement that steakhouse feel: expect stirred down and short drinks that hew closely to the classics.

The cocktail list at The Gidley skews towards the classic.

Having someone of Carr’s experience on board for the project is handy, too, given that The Gidley does away with a traditional bar set up.



“The way the bar lounge is set up is as if you were entertaining in your lounge room from a galley-style kitchen,” says Carr. “The challenge is being able to produce high-end cocktails with as minimal movements as possible. As such the cocktails will be largely batched, bottled and pre-diluted [and] served over Bare Bones ice. Think Old Fashioned, Manhattans, Martinis, Juleps and an over the top Stinger.”

Take a look inside the venue in the gallery above.

The Gidley
161 King Street, Sydney