SHFTHero – bringing the hospitality industry into the digital age

There’s a new freelance hospitality recruitment app in town and you need to get on it now! SHFTHero is a digital marketplace that quickly matches short staffed hospitality businesses with on-demand experienced shift workers. Not only that, it’s completely free to sign up.

Short staffing, especially at late notice, is an unnecessary yet common headache for managers and owners who are already stressed enough. How often has an employee or co-worker called in sick, leaving you to pick up the slack? SHFTHero is here to pick up that slack instead. As a handy tool to ‘keep in your back pocket’, simply post a shift on SHFTHero and your roster will be filled by a local rockstar Bartender within a matter of hours.

Furthermore, SHFTHero provides hospitality staff with a huge pool of available shifts in their area, allowing them the flexibility to work around their schedule. You can now find the shifts that work for you, not the other way around.

SHFTHero prides itself on total transparency and efficiency and the app’s interface attests to that. With a simple yet effective swipe-based design, both employers and job seekers can quickly post and apply for available shifts. With nothing more than a tap of a finger, a job seeker’s past experience and all necessary certificates are immediately available – allowing the employer to quickly find the exact fit for their needs.

Unlike other current alternatives, they are not an agency, rather they are a tool that bridges the gap between businesses and freelance hospitality staff. Not only does this remove the hefty agency fees, it also allows businesses to know exactly who is coming in to fill their roster.

Alistair Northam (left) and Andrew Sue of SHFTHero

SHFTHero is the brainchild of Sydney-based entrepreneur Andrew Sue. The idea for the company grew from his own frustrations and limitations working within the hospitality industry:

“During my time at University, I lived overseas and I’d only come home for a few weeks at a time, every few months. In theory, doing nothing for a couple week sounds appealing, however I quickly found myself wanting to pick up some extra work. The only problem was that no businesses wanted to take me on for just a few shifts before I returned to University. This was the inspiration to create something that could quickly and effectively solve this issue, whilst also helping managers and owners of venues.” Andrew Sue, Founder – SHFTHero.

“Traditional employment and the way people work is changing to suit a generation who crave more flexibility from a job. SHFTHero is pioneering this change within the hospitality industry.” Alistair Northam, Business Development Manager – SHFTHero

What’s on the horizon for the company? Having only officially launched in October 2019, SHFTHero is already taking Sydney by storm with signups stretching from west all the way to the east. With plans to expand Australia-wide, expect to see SHFTHero reaching Wollongong and Newcastle by early 2020.

Learn more about how businesses can use SHFTHero, click here. If you’re looking to join as a hospitality freelancer, click here. For even more information contact