Caffeinated Enlightenment: 4 thoroughly modern takes on the coffee cocktail

Moving beyond the classics, coffee is regaining its rightful place in modern mixology thanks to the creativity and craft of some of Australia’s top bartending talent. Aussie’s love of quality coffee knows no bounds, and cocktails that feature coffee in a modern way are increasingly a hit with drinkers.

United behind a mission to bring craft coffee into the night, Mr Black wants people to radically rethink the role of coffee in the modern bar. Urged on by ambassadors Martin Hudak & Jimmy Snelgrove, many of Australia’s best bars have taken up the challenge. 

In coffee mad Bondi, it’s only fitting that Kate McGraw’s Isabel features the Savoury Coffee; in Melbourne, Mjølner’s Alex Boon and Katerina Makarov worked together to create Embla; also in Melbourne, at the new Mono XO, Joey Jones combines complementary flavours in his Alphabet Pony Highball; while in Sydney, Matt Whiley’s delicious take on the Espresso Martini is proving a hit with punters at The Dolphin.

Take a look at the recipes below, and for more information on Mr Black contact your Southtrade representative.  

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