Here’s what’s behind the no & low-alcohol drinking trend

By JERRY Chief Education Officer Nicole Smith

Among the many trends in 2020, none are as healthful as low and no alcohol drinking. There are many reasons not to drink alcohol: allergies, addiction, pregnancy, religion, or the responsibility of driving yourself and others home. A research study conducted by La Trobe University found that one-third of 120,000 Australians surveyed reported that they had reduced how often or how much alcohol they drank in 2019. Furthermore, those between the ages of 24 and 29 are most likely to have reduced their alcohol intake. You, too, may be a part of this trend. Dry January, a challenge in which imbibers become teetotallers for a month, has gained momentum in the bartending community. Research shows that abstaining from alcohol for (even as little as a month) can improve blood pressure and liver function, and spur weight loss.

Abreast of the trend, we see more attention paid to low and no-alcohol beverages. Dave Arnold, food and drink researcher, author, and bar owner, conducted a low and no-alcohol seminar in 2019’s Tales of the Cocktail, where he shared his philosophy around non-alcoholic cocktails. “I wish people would order more of the non-alcs because we work really hard on them,” said Arnold, who charges the same for no and low alcohol cocktails as boozy cocktails. The development and sourcing of quality ingredients justify the price and pays respect to guests who order sans alcohol. 

And while some bars continue with the status quo, many are adapting their menus to this trend featuring icons that illustrate the strength of a cocktail or inserting a section for low and no alcohol cocktails. Those who abstain from alcohol expect the same level of sophistication from a non-alcoholic as they do from a craft cocktail. Many Australian bars, including Caffe Bartolo, Capitano & PS40 are serving no and low alcohol drinks made with as much craft and care as any other beverage on the menu. Drinking better is aligned with the trend to drink less alcohol.

If in doubt, consider the comeback of vermouth. At just 18%, vermouth fits the modern lifestyle of enjoyment over excess, and lower ABV drinks made with high-quality ingredients. Giancarlo Mancino, who in 2011 created a range of high quality, wine-based vermouth. Mancino Vermouth is now sold all over the world.

Try a low-alcohol spritz by Giancarlo Mancino.  

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Three recipes for low-ABV drinking 

Orrico Spritz
• 50ml Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato
• 25ml Tempus Fugit Violet Liqueur
• quality tonic water to top

Sakura Spritz
• 50ml Mancino Vermouth Sakura
• 20ml Rinomato Americano Bianco
• 100ml soda water

Cardinale Spritzer
• 50ml Mancino Vermouth Secco
• 30ml Rinomato Aperitivo
• 15ml yuzu syrup
• quality tonic water to top