Dan Woolley to release his own whisky brand — here’s a taste of what’s coming

Dan and Billie-Jean Woolley.

Former long-serving whisky ambassador for The Exchange, Dan Woolley, is set to release his own single malt whisky independent bottling brand: Highwayman.

The brand will take “new make spirit that I’ve helped to make and source from all over Australia: NSW, Tasmania, SA,” he says. “Then using my knowledge that I’ve gained working in distilleries all over the world to age them in various casks in Byron Bay. We’re using port and sherry casks and French oak red wine barrels to double mature the whisky for a very rich and complex style.” 

Expect to see around 10 small batches of these whiskies appearing around late March to early April this year. 

Then later in the year, Woolley will have more for you.

“This is a taste of things to come before we launch the 100 percent milled, mashed, fermented, distilled and aged Byron Bay whisky at the end of 2020,” says Woolley.