Two of Europe’s finest bartenders are kicking off The Blends of the World 2020 next month

The time has come, we kick off the year with an epic event you won’t want to miss!

February launches the first event for The Blends of the World 2020, seeing two of Europe’s finest bartenders making their way onto our shores.

Italian by nature, and probably some of the most hospitable people in our industry, Ago Perrone, and Giorgio Bargiani from The Connaught, London will be heading to Australia to host several bespoke events you do not want to miss.

For trade audiences only, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney will host each a Galliano Bartender Long luncheon, (Italian style, just like mumma use to host, we advise against wearing restrictive clothing!) as well as a collaboration not to be missed with the team at Maybe Sammy.

Seats are very limited. So don’t delay.

Register your position at the table today for the Galliano Bartenders’ long lunch – be quick spaces are limited!

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SYDNEY – 23rd FEB (Sunday Late Lunch 2-5pm)
MELBOURNE – 25th FEB (Tuesday Dinner 6.30pm – late.)
BRISBANE – 27th FEB (Thursday Lunch 12.30pm – 3.30pm)

We catch up with Ago Perrone, on his love affair with Galliano, the Authentic Italian Liqueur, his role as Advocate for the brand and his plans for while he’s down under.

What is it you love about Galliano?
I was first intrigued by the beauty of the liquid. The taste was complemented by the charm of the bottle of L’Autentico which reminded me of ancient apothecary products. Then, I had the chance to visit Maraschi & Quirici in Turin, where Galliano is produced with the same care and commitment to quality that distinguish it since its inception in 1896 in Livorno. The way they produce Galliano is overwhelmingly inspiring. It’s produced with traditional equipment dating back to 200 years ago and the entire process is artisanal. Automation comes into play only at the end for quality and stock checks. Their commitment to the tradition and authentic flavours of Italy is not a limit though. There’s been a lot of experimentation in order to innovate and craft new products. I am thinking of Galliano Ristretto, which is not just a coffee liqueur, but an espresso liqueur, therefore a piece of Italian culture.

You are an advocate of the values embodied by the truly authentic Italian Brand Galliano, and you being Italian is rather fitting, what does this entail?
Galliano was one of the first brands who approached me when I was still at Montgomery Place. It was rather flattering to see such an authentic brand believing in what I was doing. I find that Galliano and I have always shared the same values. I was brought on board to support the relaunch of Galliano L’Autentico at a time where the discovery of the forgotten classics was very hot on the scene. It was a pleasing feeling to become almost a spokesperson and a face of a product that is so strongly rooted in my home country and craft drinking culture. I had the chance to travel the world to share my passion for mixology and hospitality as well as my blend of Italian and British approach to bartending. Not only it has been a journey of sharing, it has also meant discovering, connecting and finding new sources of inspirations from countries, people and produce all over the world.

What opportunities does Galliano give you as an established advocate of the brand?
The long-standing collaboration with Galliano has represented a great opportunity for me to bring my experience and passion for hospitality abroad, alongside The Connaught Bar culture. With Galliano we have been working to spread the best of Italian authentic flavours and approach to fine drinking to the community of bartenders and to drinkers alike all over the world. The producers, Maraschi & Quirici, in Italy, have been an outstanding source of inspiration and knowledge for me, therefore it’s been a mutual exchange of trust and enthusiasm.

Can you share with us any exciting plans for 2020?
2020 is going to be another exciting and busy year. After 11 years of activity at The Connaught, we’re really set in stone. We have cemented a solid service and signature cocktail style, so we will continue to hold to our high standards while working with partner brands and industry professionals to experiment and innovate.

When do you best enjoy Galliano, and how do you recommend drinking/consuming Galliano?
We always refer to Galliano as a Famiglia because throughout the years we have been working closely together to create a range of flavours that can make any moment or occasion truly special. Galliano L’Autentico has a vibrant herbaceous nature, with a distinctive spiciness and anise hint and a strong body that make this liqueur suitable for a variety of drinks, from aperitif to digestive and refreshing, fruity serves. Its complexity makes it a perfect ingredient for my signature Mulata Daisy, a modern classic now served across 30 bars all over the world after winning a global cocktail competition. For home, easy use I would suggest to try L’Autentico with ginger beer and a fresh squeeze of lime, while if you prefer a lighter taste, try to swap it for Galliano Vanilla. Galliano Vanilla is also a great ingredient to convey a stronger character to the Mimosa – grapefruit juice and prosecco – which is ideally enjoyed over a brunch.

Galliano Ristretto stands out when compared to other coffee liqueurs, it’s an espresso liqueur with its Arabica and Robusta blends offering a perfect balance of bitter and sweet beans which make it a very versatile cocktail ingredient. Use its complexity in long drinks – for example in wine-based cocktails or cobblers for an amazing length of flavour. Ristretto is also ideal in one of the big classics, the Espresso Martini. I love mixing coffee cocktails as it’s always a reminiscence of the first time I took a cocktail shaker in my hands to make a ‘caffè shekerato’ – shaken coffee – in a small classic bar in the heart of Como. With Galliano, I can elevate the experience and play with the flavour combinations of my drink – for example to give it more nuttiness I use Galliano Amaretto and for a more refreshing finish I like Galliano Sambuca, which is also a classic pairing in Italy.