This Belvedere Bartender Retreat promotes balanced living, mental and physical wellness

Belvedere Vodka Australia has kicked off 2020 in natural style hosting the Belvedere Bartender Retreat. In its second year running this global program is designed at promoting balanced living, mental and physical wellness in the bartending community.

The retreat is founded and inspired by the Japanese culture of shinrin-yoku which translates literally as “forest–bath”. This is the idea that simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch is like a bridge. By opening these senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world. The good news is too that studies show even as little time as thirty minutes can have a positive impact on our health.

The Belvedere retreat occurred simultaneously in markets all around the world, with each different region using elements of their respective environments to promote well being by getting in touch with nature. This included hikes through snow to hot springs in the northern hemisphere, foraging exercises and sound baths.

Australia made the most of the beautiful climate in Queensland where we took 18 bartenders from all around the country to Makepeace Island in Noosa. Over the three day program they participated in a naturalness masterclass hosted by Danielle Gjestland of the acclaimed Wasabi restaurant, focusing on natural ingredients, the importance of terroir & sustainability; attended a mental health session and surfing lesson hosted by Waves of Wellness; Cruised the Noosa River at sunset; Zenned out with some yoga and spent down time in the natural surrounds of Makepeace Island, either by the pool, on the tennis court or stand up paddle boarding through the adjoining waterways. Guests also enjoyed culinary delights prepared by the islands’ private chef who is dedicated to natural, sustainable ingredients. These were paired with Belvedere cocktails created both by some of the guests in attendance and from some of the Belvedere Global Collective.

“I genuinely think of every brand trip I’ve done this was the most insightful and good for me physically, emotionally and mentally. It really is a great program that you guys put together, and I cannot thank you enough for including me!” said Kate McGraw from Isabel.

The retreat is definitely one of the bartender activities to lock in the diary – whether in Australia or wherever you are around the world.