A DIY Strawberry wine recipe is at the heart of this drink from Rohan Massie

If you’ve ever wanted a DIY strawberry wine recipe to try, this one from Rohan Massie might be exactly what you need.

Massie is the reigning Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge champ for Oceania, and ambassador for The House of Angostura, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to recipes. And ferments have been a big thing for him.

This strawberry wine-like drink makes use of botanicals like nigella seed and ingredients like Angostura aromatic bitters to give the palate depth, body, and length.

Get the recipe below.

Strawberry Dreams

  • 20 ml Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 700 ml strawberry juice
  • 300 ml filtered water
  • 100 g Nigella seed
  • 40 g yeast sachet
  • 0.5 tsp yeast nutrient
  • 500 g white sugar
  1. Combine all and ferment under air lock for 3-4 days.
  2. Rack off clarified liquid.
  3. Bottle in sterilised 750ml wine bottles.
  4. Ferment for a further 4 days in bottle.
  5. Store in cool room.
  6. To serve: Pour as if wine. 150ml into a wine glass and serve un-garnished.